Special Agreement for Antibody Services

In addition to the Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale of immunoGlobe GmbH (“we”) the following stipulations shall apply for for immunological services:


Placing and Confirming an Order

Placing an order for antibody services and/or peptide synthesis must be made in writing, using a form provided by us. Every service order will be regarded as an application, which needs to be checked by us, in particular with respect to its compliance with current animal welfare laws. It shall not be considered as binding unless expressly confirmed by us.


Termination ahead of Schedule

We reserve the right to decline any antibody service request and to terminate a project ahead of schedule – if necessary, without prior notice – if there should be any signs of clinical damages caused by the immunization procedure. Also, we point out that, despite of any precautions and permanent veterinarian supervision, immunized animals may die before the regular end of an antibody project. In case of project termination ahead of schedule due to preterm death or project abortion as a consequence of clinical damages, costs will be billed on a pro-rata basis only. We do not assume any additional liability.


Success of Immunizations

Depending on the antigen and animal there may be a considerable variability of the immune response. Therefore, we cannot warrant that the immunization will be successful. If the antigen is not limited, we therefore recommend immunization of at least two animals per antigen. With peptide antigens the customer shall accept the risk associated with the peptide sequence selection. This also applies if the decision in favour of a certain peptide was made with our assistance.  Generally, we do not claim that our support for peptide selection, which is based on experiences and theoretical considerations, will yield the optimum result.


Ownership and Confidentiality

All materials supplied by the customer (including antigens) will remain the customer’s sole property and will be used by us only for immunization and – if requested – for quality control and preparation of an affinity matrix. Upon payment of the agreed fees, the ownership of all materials produced by immunoGlobe in a customer’s project (including antisera and antibodies, documents, data, and other information — collectively henceforth named “produced materials”) is transferred to the customer. Aliquots of sera (100 µl) retained for cross-checking shall constitute the sole exception to this stipulation. Animals and chromatographic media remain our property. In any case, we warrant that no customer’s material or any reagents derived thereof, or aliquots of sera kept for cross-checking or produced materials will be passed to third parties or utilized in any other form. All produced materials and all information about antigens, antisera, and customer’s projects will be treated strictly confidential and, if required, will be made available only to the regulatory authority (Government of Lower Frankonia), if requested as anonymised data.