immunoGlobe supports OpenPGP file encryption

Please note that e-mails can be easily intercepted and read by third parties. For everything that you wouldn’t communicate frankly on a postcard you should use secured communication via encrypted emails.

For this reason we support encryption based on the Open PGP (pretty good privacy) standard.

OpenPGP is a common and free means of secure data transfer across the internet, based on open source software.

If you are already familiar with this, you may download our public key according to OpenPGP Standard, and use it to encrypt your mails to us. Vice versa, we need your public key to securely send you messages that are protected against unauthorized  access while in transit.

Fingerprint: B62D 7F65 6F32 D7E3 C17B F193 3559 9631 5646 4B3E

Those who need an introduction to get started may have a look here:

GPG4Win web site

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