"Unsere Freudentränen sind noch immer nicht trocken. Im Anhang die Testblots. (…)

Was schlagt Ihr also vor, wie wir mit den Hasen weitermachen? Auf Gold betten? Eine Extramöhre?"

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Published work relying on immunoGlobe services (selection):

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Antibodies against recombinant proteins or proteins purified from natural sources:

Please consult with us before you start an expression / purification project: We may help you with some advise, for instance which fragment to choose or how to deal with insoluble antigens (inclusion bodies) without the need of elaborated solubilization procedures. Ask us for our proprietary protocol!

You provide us with your antigen of interest, we will do the rest:


  • Coupling to carrier proteins (if required, e.g. with incomplete or poor antigens) and coupling to affinity matrices (for affinity purification)
  • Raising antibodies either according to our standard protocol or according to your specifications
  • Affinity purification of your antibodies on one or multiple antigen cartridge(s) (even with "insoluble" antigens"!)