Custom Antibody Service: How to order

For anti-peptide or anti-modification custom antibody orders, please send us an e-mail with a short descripition of your project:

  • which protein from which species (protein sequence or accession #, if available) ?
  • which which part or which modification (if applicable) must be recognized, and which one must not ?

For all standard anti-protein custom antibody orders you may use our order form below. Any changes / additions / extensions / or optional affinity purifications may be ordered at any time during the ongoing project upon short informal notice:

modularer Antikörper-Service

All antibody service programs (except for the guarantee packages) are built in a modular manner. I.e., it makes no difference, whether you start with a full-service package of 14 weeks and more, or whether you start e.g. with a 10 week basic package adding options as required.