Published work relying on immunoGlobe services (selection):

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"We just tested yours / ours anti­body and it works great (see attached file). I would like to thank you very much for excel­lent guid­ance through this pro­cedure. To­gether, we did great job. Need­less to say, that we will count on you and immuno­globe at all future occasions."

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Antibodies against synthetic peptides:


When the natural protein is not available, a small peptide derived from its amino acid sequence may serve as a substitute to raise an antibody against. Please consult with us before you have your own peptide synthesized:

  • Even with modern tools choosing the right peptide sequence is an art! This is, why even educated peptide selections in fact elicit antibodies that will bind the peptide (which is trivial and which is guaranteed) but sometimes fail to recognize the natural antigen. Did you know, that most polyclonal sera against linear epitopes will be confined to a few dominant epitopes even if the total protein was used as an antigen? Then you might appreciate the task of making a suitable antigenic peptide prediction ... !
  • All our peptides are at least 80% or 90% pure and verified by mass spectrometry, as antibodies shouldn't be directed against protective groups, other detritus, and irrelevant sequences....
  • As a standard, affinity purification of the test sera on an antigen cartridge is included in all our anti-peptide antibody services at no extra costs! Testing crude anti-peptide sera on complex mixtures (e.g. immunoblots of tissue homogenates) mostly is an unsatisfying job, because you can hardly discriminate specific from similar sized unspecific bands. However, with an affinity purified antibody you can tell immediately: Does the antibody recognize the natural protein ? / What is the content (µg antibody per ml of serum) ? / Is there a specific (!) cross-reactivity with unrelated proteins containing similar sequence motifs ?