Published work relying on immunoGlobe services (selection):

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"Der aufgereinigte mab [Bezeichnung] funktioniert in der Agglutination sehr gut (…). Somit werden wir lange damit arbeiten können."

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Our specialization:

Antibodies against phospho sites / point mutations / isoforms / any other modification

Features that typically have been associated with monoclonal antibodies only, now are also possible with polyclonal rabbit antibodies - due to sophisticated immunization, purification, and depletion schemes on multiple proteins or peptides.


  • antibodies specifically recognizing a neo-epitope (e.g. a cleavage site) - but not the parental protein
  • antibodies discriminating between different isoforms, splicing variants, or mutants that differ in as few as one single (1) amino acid or, in extreme cases, even a single atom (Phe>Tyr, Tyr>Phe).
  • antibodies discriminating between different states of neighboring double-phosphorylation sites