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"... like having an external collaborator at immunoGlobe and a supervisor for the Ph.D. students involved in the project."


Additional Specials

It is immunoGlobe's great attention to detail that is evident at all phases of a project:

  • Selection of rabbits: Proprietary lineages are cross-bred in order to obtain a particularly large MHC diversity, which increases the chances for a good immune response.
  • Intradermal injections (i.d.). Though more laborious than simple subcutaneous (s.c.) injections, the effort is worthwhile, as it leads to a much more pronounced depot effect.
  • Consequent use of a highly efficient but mild adjuvant.
  • Animal welfare: Except for rogue males, all animals are kept in groups (!) in commodious 1) and well-structured mostly ground-level enclosures. Probably, it will be hard to find a comparably appropriate housing system in other institutions or university facilities. That's why we are said to offer "green antibodies".


1) up to 1.0 m x 3.0 m

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