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"... like having an external collaborator at immunoGlobe and a supervisor for the Ph.D. students involved in the project."


Direct Customer Dialogue: From Project Concept to Evaluation of the Test Results

Since 1997 immunoGlobe® is manufacturing high quality customized antibodies.
A permanent and direct dialogue with our customers is the most important prerequisite for running a successful R&D service and getting the optimum out of a customized project. This is, why immunoGlobe services are available only via direct contracting and not via resellers.

Learn how immunoGlobe tailor-made antibody services distinguish from a standard off-the-shelf service:

Topic immunoGlobe Standard off-the-shelf
Help with your project concept (Which sequence part should you chose for expression? Which tag(s) should be used? What happens if the protein ends up in inclusion bodies? Is there are suitable test system?)

Yes - included!

Thus you avoid e.g. false- positive test results due to reactivity with tag sequences

Routine check for sequence problems that require particular attention (high sequence conservation between different species, low antigenicity) Yes - included! n/a
Do you get any recommendation for test conditions (samples, dilutions, ...)?
Yes! ?
Can you submit and discuss your test results with an expert project advisor? (e.g. upload / e-mail immunoblot scans ...)
Yes - you are explicitly encouraged to do so!
Based on your test results: who decides how to continue ? (Boosting? Which dose? Would afffinity purification improve the results? ...)
Your project advisor gives explicit recommendations (and any reasonable alternatives).
These decisions are left to you

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